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Meet our snacks!

8 Apr. 2024

Say hello to Pretzel, the snack that twists your taste buds with its crunchy and salty flavour.
I’m more than just a snack, I’m a lifestyle. I’m a yoga lover (especially the pretzel pose 🧘), it helps me stay flexible and balanced. I enjoy meditating with some soothing music and a cup of herbal tea - but don’t be fooled by my zen attitude, I love traveling the world and trying new cuisines. I’ve visited Germany, France, Italy, and even Japan and I’ve learned a lot from different cultures and met many friends along the way. 
I’m open to new experiences and challenges, that’s why I joined the “Meet our Snacks” series, where you can get to know me and my fellow crackers better. We’re all unique and delicious, and we have so much to share with you. So grab a bag of Pretzel twists and come along on this exciting journey. Namaste 🙏.

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